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Travis Andre Ross

“I believe in working hard to achieve your goals and dreams. It’s not going to be easy... But the journey, and the outcome will be worth it. Work hard, stay humble!”

A little About Me

My Biography

Travis Andre Ross always had big dreams despite growing up in a small trailer park in the Central Valley of California. Raised in a single parent home, Travis and his younger brother had to learn a lot on their own while their mother worked long hours to keep a roof over their heads. TV and movies helped to entertain, as well as educate and inspire Travis. He was labeled “Class Crazy” in his graduating class. Needless to say he had a big personality, and a great time in High school. While attending Junior College, Travis got his first taste of being in front of the camera. ​“I want to be a role model. I want to inspire and influence todays youth the way that I was inspired."
After obtaining a degree in business, Travis started his own Bulk Produce company called Superstar Produce specializing in sweet potatoes. This gave him the freedom to continue acting and to pursue some of his life long goals. Travis also became a realtor and a personal trainer, as well as joining Youtube in 2006. He started putting videos out regularly, some went viral, and he reached Youtube Partnership in 2010. This motivated him to produce more of his own content. He has always believed in making things happen rather than waiting. 


In 2014 Travis started Volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club of America, as well as donating time to The Young Storytellers. He also took trips to Mexico to help out at orphanages. He felt that his positive outlook on life could help motivate todays youth. 


Travis has been fortunate enough to have had some great experiences and met some fantastic people in the entertainment business. From “A” list actors like Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, and Jeremy Renner, to the small production companies in the Central Valley that he often filmed with, Travis has passion for all levels of production. He currently lives in Los Angeles and his pursuit continues! 


My Hobbies


Rock climbing, weight lifting, running, biking, swimming, hiking, Mountain biking, paintball, basketball, Flag football, snowboarding, wake surfing, video games, Crossfit, martial arts, snorkeling, scuba diving, rollerblading, skate boarding, and volleyball.  

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