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What im currently working on


Rebound Sex

Yooooooo! Today i was offered the role of "Chad", the lead characters best friend in an upcoming feature film called, "Rebound Sex". The director, Umari, has a great sense of humor and wonderful energy. Very much looking forward to running on this one!



Today i received official word that i will be one of the main characters in an upcoming Rodeo horror film called "LASSO", starring Sean Patrick Flanery. The film shoots for about a month. I will be on for 12 days. Ihave worked with OUTSTANDING director, Evan Cecil on other projects including I Almost Got Away With It, and They Day I Almost Died. He's one of my favorite directors. So excited for this role!



Today i found out that I will be competing on American Ninja Warrior April 5th at Universal Studios. So excited for this! Been wanting to be on this show for several years now.


1000 Ways to... Have fun!

I always, always enjoy shooting with Jon and Ken! These two have such a creative imagination, and a knack for the comedy. They will go far, mark my words! I Played Tim, a recently released from prison hard ass with not 1, but 4 tear drops on the side of my face! Tim does not mess around! Looking forward to seeing this one.


The Non Pornstar

Had an amazing time working with Jeffrey Johns on his sequal to "Waiting in the Wings". This one is titled "Still Waiting". I play a pornstar, Rob Cockulus who has an unexpected run in with the lead character in the film. This was so fun to shoot.


Major Crimes Air Date

My episode of Major Crimes Airs today! So excited! This is the first co-star role on a scripted national show on a top tier network! And its WARNER BROS!!! Love this network! Lets keep the momentum going!


The New Year

Very much looking forward to hitting 2016 hard! Acting classes, workshops, independent projects, the works! Really liked the way 2015 ended with a big credit by a reputable show on a top tier network. I would like to obtain a manager, get at least 1 guest star under my belt, and do a plethora of independent work including starring in a feature film at the end of the year. Lets get em!

Wednesday 12/2/15

Major Crimes

Such an amazing experience acting alongside such talented people. The crew was also such a tight knit group. like family. Wonderful people! Directed by Stacey K. Black - Warner Bros.

Monday 1/5/15

The Day I Almost Died

I play the lead character, Jonne, who almost dies when diving into the pacific ocean. Directed by one of my favorite humans, Evan Cecil - Indigo Films.

Friday 8/8/14

Imperfect Sky

Written and directed by the very talented Graham Streeter, this film is sure to touch peoples lives and make an impact.

Monday 6/16/14

Major Surgery

I had a major surgery on my left hip after getting hit by a car. My left hip now has a metal femoral head and a metal acetabulum socket. The road to recovery begins.

Monday 6/3/14

The Eric Andre Show

Hahahaa, this guy is funny! This was an unusual shoot and definitly a first for me. It was a good time for sure though!

Saturday 5/10/14

The Dating Chronicles

I played CHad, the typical douche guy who is way too into his own abs lol. Great shoot and Lots of fun!

Friday 3/7/14

The Hunters Game

This was a fun western shoot where i recieved another stunt credit! I Played CLetus McCormick, your typical gunlinger bad guy...

Saturday 2/9/14

The Great Society 3

Running around for 2 days in a Unicorn onsie... It doesn tget much better than that! I had a really great time working with up and coming director, Eric Wann. I was very impressed by his organizational skills and it preperation. And the writing was great too! this was a very fun piece to work on. And its hysterical! 

Thursday 12/19/13

Charlize Theron and Electronics

Well, i have always had a crush on Charlize Theron. She is so hot!!! It was pretty awesome to actually get to do a commercial with her. Especially since i was a principal and was interacting with her in the scene! What a day!

Saturday 11/16/13

Film Festival

Second Star Productions films a 48 hour film and i am one of the leads in it. We are selected as one of the top 15 winners!

Wednesday 11/15/15

Nokia Shoot

This was my first time shooitng on the Universal Back lot. Really cool to have seen the back lot while growing up and finally get to perform on it. I play a police officer

Friday 7/12/13

Ross and Leon

My good buddy Albert Leon wrote this script for him and I, but due to him being out of the state for an extended period of time. We cast Eric Wann for the Part of Leon. This is a bit of a psychological Thrill ride! Hang on!

Thursday 8/1/13

Thunderstorm... Thor

I am Playing a character named Connor in a feature film called Thunderstorm! This is a darker Thor tale. I play a character under Lokey's spell...

Tuesday 7/2/13

Emotional Rollercoaster

I shot a scene today with Chad Prickrel. It was an emotional scene. went very well! and its got a nice surprise ending. ha

Sunday 7/7/13

Quadrant 99

Filming with David Maga, and stunt coordinator/Actor Andrew Miller on a film called Quadrant 99. Very excited to throw some people around! haha

Friday 6/28/13


THis is an upcoming short film being shot in Turlock with Second Star Productions! Films July 12-13. looking forward to it!

THURSDAY 6/27/13

Feature Film

I have a role in a feature film that will shoot this coming weekend! THere will be stunts involved, which i love! This will be released on Netflix, redbox, etc

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